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We offer a wide variety of top quality services to fit your needs. Our experienced staff will help you determine the best services for your needs and deliver the kind of quality and value you expect from a professional salon and spa . Our location is designed to make your experience enjoyable and leave you feeling inspired! Check out our complete service menu below to get a feel for what we do. Please note: Service prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

It's been about a year since Little Missouri Chiropractic  started offering their services 2x a week at the spa!   We now better appreciate the importance of chiropractic and wellness services.   We were subsequently inspired to develop and offer additional wellness therapies.    The following are now available at Cedar Canyon Spa:
O2 Bar
Inhale scented oxygen for an overall sense of relaxation and meditation.
$20 for 15 min. session
Salt Booth (Halotherapy)
This is the good salt, dispensed into the air for improvement of the respiratory system, skin conditions, immune system and overall wellness.
$35 per  15 min.session
Himalayan Salt Infrared Sauna
An excellent overall detox of systems within your body easing discomfort of aches and pains.
$30  per 30 min. session
Add a Shower for $10
All the good rays and vibes of sunshine dispersed while you recline and unwind.   Beat those winter blues while the red light boosts your Vitamin D and collagen levels.
$20 per 15 minute session
Salt Tower
Enjoy our lobby atmosphere  while the Salt Tower cleanses the air.  With our compliments!!

It's no wonder that with all Medora has to offer for activities; massage is the most requested spa treatment.  Designed to rejuvenate any body and recharge it for the next day's adventures.  All massages are performed by Licensed Massage Therapists and include both a Young Living Essential Oil and a hot towel application with any table massage.

30 minute Table
     Focusing on the upper torso, we attack the primary sources of stress and tension - back, neck and shoulders.     
A holistic, hands-on-massage treatment that not only helps to tone and tighten the muscles of the face, but brings a new radiance, clarity and smoothness to your skin.
Deep Tissue Massage - 50 minutes
Deep tissue massage services employ greater pressure and work along specific muscular zones to relieve deep knots and tension that has built up in your body. This form of massage can also facilitate the release of lactic acid in your muscles to detoxify and improve circulation. Deep tissue is our most requested massage and incorporates some stretching. 

Prenatal Massage - 50 minutes
This specialized massage service is provided to help mothers-to-be with the aches and pains that accompany pregnancy. Sore feet, stress, back pain, and other symptoms can be positively influenced through massage. Our trained therapists have the knowledge and equipment required to provide a safe and effective massage for expecting women.  Performed only in second and third trimesters.
Hot Stone Massage - 50 minutes
Hot stone massage services employ smooth, tumbled stones which are heated and applied to key points on your body to achieve maximum therapeutic effectiveness for your massage service. Experience the healing power of heat combined with a fabulous, rejuvenating massage experience.

Deep Tissue -75 minutes
An extra 25 minutes of our best massage ever!

Raindrop Therapy

Young Living Oils version of an ancient Lakota healing ceremony.   A variety of essentials oils are 'dropped' in succession on your spine and the spine of your feet.



Massage Extra
 We use Young Living Oils in each and every massage!
Little Missouri Chiropractic
Dr. Rebecca "Becca" Kasian of Little Missouri Chiropractic is at the spa 2x week.  Appointments and questions must be directed to Dr. Becca's business phone @ 701-872-6688.
Chiropractic medicine focuses on the proper alignment of the vertebrae in your spine. When there are misalignments in your spine (subluxations) you can experience a variety of negative health effects. Chiropractic aims to correct these issues and provide pain relief and improved posture.
Hair Design

Professional Cosmetologists create that special look with the most current techniques in the hair industry and the Wild West!!  We augment our professional skills with the most unique, current and professional hair products

Cedar Canyon Shampoo & Style
Professional hair cutting and styling services are available from highly trained stylists. From traditional, classic looks to more expressive modern approaches incorporating asymmetry and advanced techniques... we can create just the look you are hoping for with a combination of impeccable technique and the finest hair care products available only in salons.


Children's Haircuts
Our kid-friendly staff is specially trained to provide hair services for children of all ages. We understand that children may be fearful, impatient or squirmy but we will work with them with compassion and patience for a memorable and positive experience.


Hair Cuts for Men
Basic hair cuts are available for men which may employ scissors or an electric trimmer to clean up your look and make you feel refreshed and ready for a new day. We will get you in and out in a minimum of time and ensure you look your very best. Finish with a salon quality gel or pomade.
Hair Cuts for Women
Basic hair cuts are available for women to keep your locks even and trimmed. Get rid of unsightly split ends and encourage hair growth with regular trims from our exceptional team. You will love the way you look!

Starting at $30

Hair Texturing
Quality texturing services and products for beautiful hair.
$65/$85    Spiral $75/$95
Hair Color
 Professional hair coloring and highlighting services are available using the highest quality Paul Mitchell products available only through professional salons. Call for a consultation to discuss your hair color goals and develop a plan with your colorist to reach your objectives.
Subtle or bold- the choice is yours.  Sun kissed blondes, rich reds, violets, blue or chocolate are just some of the colors available that can accentuate and add drama to your individual hairstyle.
Starting at $65/ one color; $90/ 2 colors; $115/ 3 colors
Hair Coloring

 Expert coloring and highlighting services by our professional staff. 
Starting at $60/ 2 oz. color, $85/4 oz. color, $110/ 6 oz. color

Other Hair Services
Other hair services to make you look your best.
Cowboy Classic

Take your hat off for this one.  A Paul Mitchell treatment of Wild Ginger and Awapuhi stimulate your senses and nourish both scalp and hair while the massage and heat treatment create a deep sense of relaxation.  Starting at $49

Special Occasion Services
Complete bridal party services and group treatments for special occasions.
Special Style or Up-Do
  We don't like to brag- but our team of cosmetologists absolutely rock when it comes to up-dos' for your special occasion!
Starting at $65 for brides and starting at $55 for members of the wedding party
Manis & Pedis

No need to hide out in boots and gloves the WHOLE time!

Classic Manicure
Relax and enjoy a refreshing manicure service to give your fingernails a professional, clean and tidy look. We will trim and shape your nails and apply a top-quality professional nail lacquer or polish in your choice of rich colors and glazes.
Classic Pedicure
Pedicure services are designed to rejuvenate and beautify your feet. Experience the pleasure of our Spa Pedicure Chair.   Enjoy a massage and the jetted pool as we trim and shape your nails and cuticles, as well as addressing hangnails and blemishes. Finish with lacquer or polish of your choice to enhance and protect your nails.
Classic Manicure & Classic Pedicure
Save $5 when you book both!
Add Ons

 Paraffin $15   French or Designer $15   Gel $15

Bring out your inner beauty with a makeover by our artists.
Makeup and Makeovers
*NEW*  "Luminess" Airbrush Makeup Session -  No messy powders, heavy foundation or brushes and foam applicators.... Transform your look with a makeover from a licensed cosmetologist. Discover the secrets of runway models and Hollywood idols to coordinate your wardrobe, accessories, hair and makeup and achieve a beautiful, portrait-worthy look that will turn heads and help you stand out from the crowd.

Starting at $30

Spa Faces
Too much fun in the sun????? Revitalize your face with our antidote- a collagen masque.   Includes cleansing, masque, toner and mini massage.


Spa Roundup

It's all in the details....

Ear Candling
Soothing ancient treatment which removes ear wax and debris.


Eyelash or Eyebrow Tinting
Enhance the color of both brows and lashes for a more youthful and dynamic appearance.
Lash $30  Brows $20
Waxing Hair Removal
Upper lip / Chin / Eyebrows
$15 each location
Spa Package
Choose from one of our Cedar Canyon Spa Packages or let us help you customize your own!! Spa packages do NOT include Gratuities.
The Ultimate Hideout
Includes one Facelift Massage, 50 minute Deep Tissue Massage, Classic Pedicure & Manicure, Cowboy Classic, Eyebrow, Upper lip and Chin Waxing and ends with a Cedar Canyon Shampoo and Styling.   Lunch is included.   Allow 6 hours.
Magnificent 7 for 1
WOW!  If you don't truly feel MAGNIFICENT after this one...well just sayin'!!!  This package includes our wellness therapies plus two of our traditional spa services - all meant to help you feel and radiate health and  wellness!  It includes Ear Candling, Salt Booth Treatment, Oxygen Bar Session, Right Light Therapy, Facelift Massage, Himalayan Salt Infrared Sauna and our Classic Pedicure.
Cedar Canyon Retreat
Combine a 50 minute Deep Tissue Massage followed by a Classic Pedicure and Manicure.  Allow 3 hours.


Birthday Girl
50 minute Deep Tissue Massage with a Collagen Facial and our Classic Pedi.   Allow 4 hours.
Just For You
50 minute Deep Tissue Massage and topped off with a Classic PediAllow 2 hours.
Heart to Heart
 50 minute Deep Tissue Massage truly melts you to the bone preceded by our Himalayan Salt Infrared Sauna session..
Cowgirl Diva
  The desire of most divas comes true- someone to do their makeup and hair for any special occasion or just because.......Allow 2 hours.    
*NEW* Pony Xpress Services
When time is of the essence!!  Hot towel application included with each.
Xpress Facial
A quick cleansing, T-zone mask, tonic and moisturizer
Xpress Massage
Express Massage- Upper torso backside
Xpress Mani
A hot towel, trim and fresh polish
Xpress Pedi
A hot towel, trim and fresh polish
Service Series
Take your favorite Wellness Service, Prepay in Advance and Experience SAVINGS!
Himalayan Salt Infrared Sauna
30 Day Series with 2x/week of Sauna Sessions with FREE SHOWER USE
 for $300.  Savings of $140 per month!!An excellent overall detox of systems within your body easing discomfort of aches and pains.
A holistic, hands-on-massage treatment that not only helps to tone and tighten the muscles of the face, but brings a new radiance, clarity and smoothness to your skin.  Bellanina Facelift Massage     $90 
Bellanina Facelift Massage results are best achieved by scheduling 2 to 3 per week.  Upon achieving desired results, weekly or monthly maintenance treatments are recommended.
Series of 6      10% discount or $486  
Series of 12     15% discount or $918
Series of 18     20% discount or $1296
Non- transferable and cannot be used for any other service or product

Salt Booth (Halotherapy)
This is the good salt, dispensed into the air for improvement of the respiratory system, skin conditions, immune system and overall wellness.
Salt Booth Series - Prepay for 12 - 10 min sessions to be used within 30 days of 1st use - $300  50% savings
$300 Prepaid
Red Light Therapy Series
Now through Dec. 31, 2016
Receive 1st Red Light Therapy Session FREE
Receive 1 pr. Sun Goggles FREE
Receive up to 20 - 15 min. sessions within 30 days of 1st use for only $100.  This reduces the normal session charge from $20 each to only $5 each.  Non-transferable among other clients or in lieu of other services or products.
$100 Prepaid
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Policy: Please call (701)623-1772 or email preinarts@hotmail.com for our appointment policies. 
Large groups, spa packages or multiple services appointment may need to guarantee the reservations with a credit card.                     
We appreciate a 24 hour notice when cancelling appointments.
If you have concerns regarding services received at our spa; please contact us within 24 hours of your recent appointment.  While no refunds will be given, we invite you back at your earliest convenience to confer and rectify the situation to your satisfaction.

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